This week in Radio 14/5/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

The Beat 102 103 logo, with red block letters on a white background

Beat are doing large scale promotions again🎉

We had a two year pandemic induced break, but we finally have promotions back on beat.

The station is basically using the fugitive formula, sending presenters on the run with a cash bounty. If you find the presenters, you win the cash.

The idea isn’t new in the Irish market as 96FM and c103 had a version of this concept back in the UTV days, but it’s great to see large scale promotions returning after so long. Hopefully Beat and other stations hold more promotions over the next while, it’s truly some of the most engaging radio when done right.

Also, it’s interesting to me that beat used the slogan “if you don’t ask, you can’t win”. Someone was clearly inspired by the 96FM fugitive which used the same phrase years ago.

Read the story from Radio Today here

Dublin radio station Near FM has reportedly started charging people to be apart of the station, resulting in some long term contributors deciding to leave.

According to Dublin Live, presenters are now required to join a media Co Op for a fee of €5 per month. Radio Land hasn’t had time to independently verify this information before publishing, but we have no reason to doubt the info.

This raises an interesting question. Is volunteer radio more of a job or an experience?

On the one hand, running a radio station is expensive and it could be argued it’s providing an experience to its presenters. Kind of like a club. On the other hand, these people are volunteering their time free of charge to the station who is benefiting from that time.

It’s an interesting question, as depending on your view it can be anywhere on a spectrum from totally okay to deeply unethical.

There’s a poll over on our Insta story so why not tell us where you land? We’d also love to hear from anyone with experience of this situation, so feel free to DM us.

Vote on our story here

Read the story from Dublin Live here

Finally this week, RTÉ have been publishing articles explaining why public service media matters. The articles are written by department heads in different content categories, and there’s also an article from director general Dee Forbes.

I really enjoyed reading these, and even though it’s not radio related I can’t not share how excited I am that another series of hidden assets is in development.

I don’t know if more article’s will come over the next while, but something about getting to read the thoughts of those managing our biggest broadcaster is really interesting to me. Hopefully we see more openness like this going forward.

You can read the articles here

Quick bits

Three new journalists have joined Beat 102 103

Brooke scullion called for radio stations to support her Eurovision effort. She’s since been eliminated

The RTÉ trade union group wants more information about a new well paid editorial role

The CEO of East Coast FM, Ciara O’Connor, has joined the board of a station on the Isle of Man

Danny Denton spoke this week about his new book which was released in April, the story is set at a fictional Cork radio station

Blast 106, a radio station in Belfast has apologised after posting an insensitive meme

The Ryan Tubridy Show is available for sponsorship

Here are the results of our misinformation poll from last week, shame we didn’t get much of a sample size as the poll proved inconclusive

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This Week In Radio 23/4/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

The More music Ireland logo

More Music Ireland went off air last night, after the station failed to reach commercial viability. More Music Ireland was an internet station, but it was one of Irelands first serious attempts at moving internet radio forward.

Now that the product has been created, the next natural step is to make MoreMusic Ireland financially viable. This requires a fairly large amount of money to create a high profile, sustained, promotion and marketing campaign. Without going into detail, the backing for a push like this just does not seem to be there.

Mike Moloney,, station Owner, on the stations Facebook page

This wasn’t just another bedroom station, this was a good attempt at trying to build a business in internet radio, an attempt that simply didn’t take hold this time around.

Unfortunately the Irish Audience just isn’t ready for internet radio yet, and Mike is right. Solving that problem takes money. I do think the future of radio is online, we’re just not quite at that point yet.

It’s going to take attempts like More Music Ireland to move this space forward, but it’s not going to be easy. We also need the likes of RTÉ to keep up the fight with RTÉ Gold, even if it isn’t going to turn a profit for the next while.

I was watching Line OF Duty during the week and there was a really interesting and relevant quote, “sometimes you don’t lose, you just run out of time”. That perfectly sums up this story really, it’s just going to take time for Internet to truely take on FM.

Well done to the team at More Music Ireland, you might not have cracked it this time, but you can all be proud of a very respectable attempt.

Read the full Facebook post here

2 FM are looking for a sponsor for entertainment news, so let’s take a look at the costs, and what your getting.

The entertainment news airs each hour between 9AM and 4PM, so while your not really hitting breakfast or drive time, you are getting a nice chunk of the day.

As far as audience goes, the entertainment news airs across 3 shows.

  • Jennifer Zamparelli (141,000 listeners last JNLR)
  • Tracy Clifford (129,000 listeners last JNLR)
  • The 2 Johnnies (nobody really knows yet how many people are listening as the show only started last month)

So, here’s the costs

  • €40,000 for 3 months. That’s €13,333 per month
  • you can spend €70,000 for 6 months which brings your per month cost down to €11,666
  • And if your looking to go long term with a 12 month deal, that will set you back €120,000, a perfectly even €10,000 per month

I find it fascinating to look at costs like this as it gives you something interesting to compare. Unfortunately RTÉ Media Sales are one of the only sales teams to post this sort of stuff on the internet for nerds like me to look at, but I do hope that in future stations will be more open about their sponsorship opportunities.

Virgin Media Television have recently started publishing sponsorship prices again after taking a multi year break, so I hope some on the radio side follow suit.

Check out the details here

The IMRO Radio Awards Logo

Finally this week, the IMRO awards are back as an in person event. That’s right, the radio industry are heading back to the Lyrath once again for the wildest night in the radio year.

The event takes place on Friday the 7th of October and stations can submit audio now.

Obviously not as many people will be able to attend the in person event as did online, so this raises the question, should the event go hybrid and stream the awards online as well as in person? On one hand, more people would be able to attend, but on the other hand, the argument could be made that what happens in the Lyrath must stay in the Lyrath for the love of all things good. You can cast your vote over on our Instagram now.

Read the story from Radio Today

Cast your vote over on our Instagram

Quick Bits

Here is our Twitter review of the new Midlands 103 breakfast show

The story of the Italian inventer that helped launch Vatican Radio, and his deep links to ireland

2FM Breakfast host Carl Mullan got married this week, Congratulations🎉

Nicky Byrne has spoken about putting his radio career on hold

The owner of Midlands 103 has passed away

Midwest Radio are holding a celebration of poetry to mark poetry day 2022

A tv programme celebrating 50 years of RTÉ RnaG airs tonight on RTÉ One TV

David Coverdale is hosting a 3 part series on Radio Nova

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This Week In Radio 16/4/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

RTE Logo on a sign at RTÉ Studios

MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly are taking legal action against RTÉ. As of now, it’s unclear what the case relates to and it’s unclear how RTÉ will respond.

The two MEP’s have taken seperate actions, but are both being represented by Dore & Co solicitors. Interestingly, Robert Dore has been involved in a legal dispute with RTÉ previously. Robert represented Fr Kevin Reynolds in his case against RTÉ a number of years ago, this case resulted in RTÉ apologising.

The MEP’s have been in the news in Ireland and abroad recently, mainly as a result of there opposition to the EU sending arms to Ukraine.

We’re just going to need to wait and see how this story unfolds over the next while.

Read the story from The Journal here

A new breakfast show has launched at Midlands 103, with Peter Dunne replacing Ann Marie Kelly in the slot. Ann Marie had been hosting breakfast for 10 years, and will now be hosting a late night show on Fridays.

I must admit, while I have heard many breakfast shows from both Ireland and abroad in my time, I’ve never heard the breakfast show on Midland’s 103. I actually haven’t heard much of the station at all over the years so it might be time to give them a listen.

It’s important when working in radio to listen to stuff all over the place, this can give you new interesting ideas on how you can improve your own radio work. So,, this week I’ll have a listen to the new midlands 103 breakfast show, and I’ll share my findings over on the Radio Land Twitter.

Very best of luck to Peter from us here at Radio Land, I look forward to hearing the show during the week.

Read the story here

Finally this week, we got an update on the dispute between Wexford county council and South East Radio. If your out of the loop on this one, have a read of last week’s Radio Land as that has all the details.

The update this week is that the Wexford County Council Secretary has apologised for the email he sent to South East Radio.

In short, he apologised to the councillors for worsening the relationship between the council and the station.

“I wish to apologise to the Elected Members and to my colleagues at Wexford County Council for the manner in which my well-intentioned efforts to rebuild a strong working relationship between the Council and South East Radio have given rise to public controversy. It would appear this is exactly what has happened in relation to my email of 25thMarch 2022 to South East Radio. My email and its contents were designed to improve the working relationship between Wexford County Council and South East Radio, not to damage it further as I appear inadvertently to have done.”

Statement from council secretary David Minogue

As with our coverage of this last week, I’d highly recommend reading the Irish Times article on this. They have done a fantastic job covering the story so well done to them.

As I said last week, I hope this can be resolved. A relationship between media and the council can benefit both sides, but any control over content can’t work.

Read the story here

Quick Bits

RTE News has announced John Kilraine as the new London correspondent

Shaun Doherty of Highland Radio has announced he’s training to become a priest

Sunday With Miriam is up for sponsorship. It’s €45,000 for 6 months or €75,000 for a year

Two new presenters have joined Clare FM

A new round of Sound And Vision has opened

Folk On One is a new Folk music show launching tonight on Radio One

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.

This Week In Radio 5/3/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

The 2 Johnnies will be returning to 2FM. The presenters were on air with a new drive time show for just 3 days in February, before they were taken off air as a result of a sexist segment on their podcast.

I’ll be really interested to see how this turns out as it could really go either way. The show is strong and there’s now more awareness of its existence, but a lot may now have a negative view of the show.

We can only wait and see how it goes. The JNLR numbers will tell a lot here.

“On the back of what was a very intense week, and having issued an apology and clarification of the events which occurred, we are extremely excited about returning to our daily drivetime show. We had a great welcome at 2fm last week and are eager to work with Dan and the 2fm family again, acknowledging the lessons we’ve learned and committing to put these into action. Coming from a different environment it is a privilege to get the chance to have a national conversation five days a week, and we appreciate that with this comes great responsibility and a lot is now expected of us. We are determined to create a successful radio show and work with everyone in 2fm to show the nation the best of us. We would like to thank 2fm for working through this with us”.

The 2 Johnnies commenting on their shows return

Read the story here

Red FM logo

RedFM launched their new breakfast show this week, but it’s basically the same show just with different hosts. Both the secret sound and instagrand remain, and there are no new major format elements.

The imaging didn’t change either except for a new bed that seems to be used in all links. In general, it’s the total opposite to the big welcome that the 2 Johnnies got.

Ciara is very capable as the main presenter, and it would seem that Rob and Laura are taking a Co presenter role. I still think the show needed a format change, but ultimately it’s numbers and not opinions that matter.

I look forward to seeing how the show performs against KC and Ross over the next while. The shows are incredibly similar at this point so it’s going to be a real test of presenting style which is always interesting.

Check out the new show here

Broadcaster Eoghan McDermott was in the news this week after he tweeted a legal letter related to allegations that were made against him.

“A few months ago, false allegations were made about me. Despite not being investigated or verified, these allegations were spread widely, the effects of which I am still processing.”

Eoghan McDermott via his Twitter account, @eoghanMcDermo

I’d highly recommend you read the letter that Eoghan tweeted. You can find it in the Twitter thread linked below. It’s unclear if Eoghan plan’s to return to broadcasting, And RTÉ aren’t commenting.

Read the tweets and letter here

Read RTE’s coverage of the story here

Usually we only have 3 main stories, but this week we’re giving you an extra one. This story is off the beaten track a bit, but it’s too interesting to get relegated to Quick Bits.

This story starts way back in 1947. It was the night of the All Ireland Final, the first time the match had been played outside of Ireland. Telly in ireland was still many years away, so that was the night that radio showed it’s true potential.

It was an outside broadcast of sorts. At 8pm Irish time, Micheal O’Hehir took to the airwaves to commentate the match live from New York. This was an event that would change the life of one young boy, listening to the match on a portable radio from here in Ireland.

That young boy was Pat Herbert, who later started Ye Old Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio.

This was a man who loved radio, and it all started on one night way back in 1947. The radio on that night changed a life for 73 years, a crazy thought when we think about it.

But why are we talking about this now? Well, pat died in 2020, and on Tuesday his personal radio collection will be sold at auction.

The reason I find this fascinating is I think it’s a great reminder of the power of radio. It’s also a lesson to push the boundaries a bit from time to time.

If they can broadcast from New York back then, we can certainly do that and more today. It’s up to todays radio teams to inspire tomorrows radio enthusiast’s, and I think that’s a really cool opportunity.

Read the story here

Quick Bits

John Creedon is Cork person of the year

RTE simulcast the choice music prize this week on 2FM and RTÉ Player. Listeners could hear the show on 2fm, and it was live streamed on RTÉ Player from studio 5 in television centre. It looked and sounded awsome so well done to all involved.

LiveLine needs a sponsor. €110,000 for 6 months, or your brand can talk to Joe for a year at a cost of €195,000

Radio Kerry has been showing support for Ukraine

So has Red FM

Tributes have been paid to Tom Hardy. May he rest in peace

The Irish Times are relaunching the Women’s Podcast after 500 episodes

Transition year students in a Limerick secondary school are launching a radio station

A Pop-up radio station is launching for Patrick’s Day. More on this next week

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.

This Week In Radio 12/2/2022 (with JNLR numbers and More)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what Happened

It’s JNLR time again, so we had a look to see who’s up and down. As usual, we’re only going to be able to cover the main stations but we’ll link to other coverage at the end.

If you want to skip the JNLR stuff, just click here or scroll down manually

Let’s start with Radio 1

Radio 1 logo
  • Morning Ireland now has a huge 459,000 listeners each morning which is an increase of 9,000. While this is still good news, it’s worth noting that in Decembers numbers we did see a drop from 491,000 down to 450,000. They’re not there yet, but this might be the beginning of a recovery from the pandemic losses.
  • Same story with Tubridy. He’s up 7,000 listeners to 366,000, but he also suffered a big fall in the December book. Ryan went from 381,000 down to 359,000 in December, so while it’s an increase, recovery is still ongoing.
  • 346,000 listeners tune in to Today with Claire Byrne on weekdays (+6,000) it seems the gains on radio 1 are quite consistent with changes of a few thousand on each show
  • Poor joe can’t get a break though. He’s still losing listeners. Liveline now has 343,000 this is down 3,000 from December.This really ain’t good when you consider joes losses in the last book, down from 404,000. When you put the last 2 books together, Liveline is down a huge 61,000

In general not a bad set of numbers for radio 1, but they still have a lot of listeners to gain back after Decembers big losses.

The story is much the same at 2FM

2FM Logo

2FM didn’t have a great time back in December but things look to be recovering

  • 2FM breakfast will be happy to know they didn’t fall under 100,000. Instead they gained 8,000 listeners, taking them from 103,000 to 111,000. The show is still down from the 126,000 that it had previously, but any gain is a good gain I suppose.
  • Jennifer Zamparelli has 141,000 listeners which is an extra 1,000. Another 11,000 would eliminate the losses from December so that’s reasonably possible in future books. 2FM has been advertised heavily on television recently so we’ll need to wait and see if this has much impact in the next few months.
  • Tracy Clifford now has 129,000 listeners which is also an increase of 1,000. Tracy lost just 2,000 in December so she’s still in a good position if the recovery continues.

With the extensive TV advertising, and the 2 Johnnies on the way. 2FM will be interesting to watch over the next while.

Today FM continue to perform well

Today FM logo

Basically all shows on Today FM’s weekday schedule are up, and because they also had a good run in December they’re not facing the same recovery struggle as RTÉ.

  • Ian Dempsey now has a listenership of 184,000 which is an increase of 6,000 from December. He lost 1,000 back in the last book so he’s gained 5,000 over the last 2 reports.
  • Dermot & Dave are also up. They’ve gained 3,000 listeners and now have 208,000 listeners
  • Matt Cooper is also doing fine in drive time bringing in an extra 3,000 listeners for a total of 173,000

Most of the other shows on Today FM are changing so we’ll need to wait and see how they perform going forward.

What’s the news with Newstalk?

Newstalk logo

Basically everything’s going grand. Newstalk hasn’t had any huge gains or losses, but in general they’re still gaining a few listeners around the schedule.

  • Newstalk Breakfast gained 1,000 listeners since December and now has 138,000 tuning in.
  • Pat Kenny also gained 1,000 and his total is now 184,000.
  • Lunchtime Live with Andrea Gilligan has 114,000 Listeners, that’s a gain of 2,000. Why gain 1,000 when you can gain 2,000?
  • Moncrieff has 77,000 Listeners, that’s also up 1,000 since December. A real trend emerging here. The show still has a bit of recovering to do though, it suffered a loss of 20,000 in December. If you take in the last 2 books, your still down 19,000
  • The Hard Shoulder with Kieran Cuddihy had a nice increase of 5,000 and now has a total of 151,000 listeners

More JNLR sources

Radio Today



Waterford live

In other news

the department for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media told Radio Land this week that an Irish music quota is not being considered for Irish radio stations. This was part of a deep dive we published on Wednesday asking if there should be a quota in Ireland like those seen in Canada and France.

There are a number of legal and other factors which must be taken into account when considering the feasibility of introducing airplay quotas. The potential benefit to music production in Ireland must be balanced with the rights of broadcasters, subject to their contractual or regulatory obligations, to determine the type of content they wish to broadcast and to ensure commercial revenue particularly in the context of the current media climate. Importantly, the introduction of airplay quotas would need to be consistent with EU law. A quota for music produced in a particular Member State would be considered to restrict free movement of services by placing music produced in other Member States at a disadvantage. Given the legal challenges arising, the Government is not currently considering airplay quotas based on production location.

the department for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

This was a really interesting topic to look at and we hope to be able to do more deep dive stories like that going forward.

Read our full article on music quota’s here

Finally this week, Radiocentre Ireland has become a founding member of the World Radio Alliance. The new organisation will aim to promote radio’s marketing power, and hopefully increase revenue in the industry.

Read all the details here

Quick Bits

Presenter Emmet Dunlea is joining 96FM to host Club96 , best of luck Emmet from us at Radio Land

We got a behind the scenes Instagram video from Newstalk’s Sarah Madden this week showing us what it’s like to work as a researcher

2FM had a €10,000 Clock Blocker winner

96FM announced a new cash Cow competition

The new 2FM show with the 2 Johnnies is up for sponsorship. 6 months costs €90,000 with a year costing €160,000

You can also sponsor The Greene Room On 2FM which is obviously cheaper as it’s late night. 2 months is €18,000, 6 months will set you back €35,000 and the year costs a very reasonable €60,000

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.