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Bonus Post: An Interview with Cian Drake

When you want to listen to an Irish radio documentary the mind tends to gravitate to the likes of RTÉ or Newstalk. What we can sometimes forget however are the people just below the surface looking to make their break into the radio industry.

Today we want to introduce you to a young documentary maker from cork who independently published his first radio documentary this morning. We’re sure this lad will be making waves in the not too distant future so with that said , meet Cian Drake

So Cian, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start they say. How exactly did you start on this road into media?

Well I had done journalism in CSN previously which I felt wasn’t fully for me. I then worked a couple of jobs and found myself wanting more for the future. I found myself at a crossroads, so I asked myself what I wanted to do with myself and radio broadcasting seemed perfect for me so I took a chance and here I am just about to hopefully embark on a career in media.

How did you find the journalism and radio courses? Was there anything in particular that made you decide to pivot into radio over other mediums like newspapers or TV?

I found that I preferred Radio more, although journalism taught me a lot too I just felt the personality of radio mirrored me better. Although I picked radio now I would be open to any medium to be honest. I would love in the future to have a show like The Tommy Tiernan show but I would say I think my personality is suited to radio at this stage more than the other mediums mentioned.

Do you think news and journalistic works in general are heard enough on Irish radio?

I would say just from being a general listener that there isn’t. It’s all extremely commercial and I think it would be refreshing to hear more of the works mentioned in a mainstream space, I know those works are there when you look for them but it would be good that in the future they were more evident and readily available on the airwaves.

So that brings us on nicely to this new documentary your publishing, how did the idea come about?

Well I had a project to do for college and I wanted to document a sub culture in Cork City. As I use vinyl and would generally know some of the record shop owners I felt that would be a great place to start. So that’s how the idea came about and it blossomed over time.

How did you find it making the documentary through Covid?

I actually didn’t mind making it during Covid at all, the work is the same it still has to get done. I looked at the positives, I had more time to myself, I could go for a jog or do whatever I wanted right after the interview as opposed to travel back from town to home. I would say though that I am a people person, I would’ve love to have been able to meet everyone I interviewed for a coffee but it wasn’t to be. I enjoyed it overall but I know when I do my next project the interview process may be very different. It was also so refreshing to speak to such passionate and genuine people after being locked down for so long.

After making this documentary do you think you will be making more?

After making this documentary I most certainly have an urge to jump right into another one. I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline but vinyl addiction is one that is interesting to me. I just noticed through the way people speak about it that it almost becomes this unstoppable habit. It’s not something I have readily seen talked about under the topic of addiction so it is enticing to explore that world and see if there are people out there who could share that mind set – I will of course be doing things that aren’t vinyl related but I think immediately that is something of which is sticking out.

So all going well your planning to be off to a radio course in Sunderland this September, You looking forward to it?

Yes I’m most certainly looking forward to moving out and experiencing something new. Both in terms of furthering my studies and just being completely independent of home for a change. I am extremely excited in terms of who will I meet, the connections that are to be made and just making the most of my time there.

When you think about the world five years from now, where do you see both yourself and the radio industry?

Five years from now? I can’t even imagine what I’m wearing tomorrow. But I would hope that Irish radio has moved with the rest of Europe and joined in with DAB, not just dip a toe in but fully submerge ourselves in that world. That’s what I would hope, I think tho that radio may see an uptake with more talk shows in the main stream. I find people may grow more tired of the generic commercial radio prototype and may move towards some kind of podcast/radio hybrid. Who knows tho. Not that the style of commercial stations will disappear but there will be more talk shows I think. In terms of myself, not a clue. Alive (hopefully) and happy doing things I likes to do. I definitely see myself staying in the documentary lane I know that much. Ideally I will be able to make a living from making documentaries but there is a lot of work to be done between now and then if that is to happen.

And finally, the killer question. What’s your favourite radio station and why?

In the interest of not jeopardising future Cían I should stay impartial. I have fond memories of Today FM when Ray Foley was on as I used to work with my dad at the same time. I will say that I like different aspects of different stations.

On The Record is out now

You can listen to Cian’s new documentary now. Be sure to follow Cian on social media too so you can keep up with his future work.

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This Week In Radio 24/7/2021

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so hears a summery of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

Rte were in court this week where they requested that legal action taken against them by politician Joe Costello be struck out. According to the Irish Times, Counsel for Joe Costello accepted the case is ‘novel’ but rejected suggestion it was bound to fail

Read the full report from The Irish Times here

In other RTÉ news, Ray Darcy is looking for a sponsor for his show on Radio 1. So how much does it cost?

  • 3 months sponsorship is €80,000
  • You can get 6 months for €135,000
  • And a whole 12 months of Ray Darcy sponsorship can be all yours for €220,000

I don’t really think I can afford to sponsor Ray this time.

Get all the details here

Finally this week Bauer stations ran a networked competition to give away €30,000 this week. They did the same thing with €20,000 the week before. The competition is a standard text to win with entries costing €2.50

Here are the contest details

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This Week In Radio 17/7/2021

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so hears a summery of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

Communicorp stations gave away €20,000 this week in a networked competition across their stations. Love it or hate it, the mildly interesting thing with networked competitions is you get to hear the wins a few different times.

Hear Ciara win on Newstalk

Now hear her win on Today FM

Don’t forget Spin South West, she won there too

Here’s the 98FM win

Clips for Spin1038 haven’t been posted yet but I will update the article when and if they are.

In other news

Newstalk have launched a new YouTube series called Tech Bytes. Hosted by Jess Kelly, The new technology videos live on the Newstalk YouTube channel which I think is my only criticism, let it have its own channel or work with Jess on creating a larger tech channel in her name. While I like tech videos I’m not going to subscribe to all Newstalk content just to get it. I’d much rather pick and choose. Regardless Jess is a great host and the content is great, reminds me of some of the Linus Media Group content from Canada. Best of luck with it, this kind of thing is great to see.

Check out the first video here

Finally this week it has been reported that RTÉ refused over 50% of Freedom of Information requests last year. that’s well above average for other agencies. While I can see why in many cases, I must say I would love to see some of the requested info.

Get the details here

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This Week In Radio 10/7/2021

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so hears a summery of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

After 32 years AA Roadwatch are ending their traffic reports for radio stations. The reports which were usually provided as part of a contra deal in exchange for advertising first aired on RTÉ but have been heard on many stations over the last 32 years. It’s currently unclear what this means for the seven staff who work on Roadwatch.

Read the story here on RTÉ

The BAI upheld complaints this week over content that aired on RTÉ Radio 1 and Newstalk. Most complaints however related to the New Year’s Eve god sketch on RTÉ One TV.

Read the details here

Also this week cork stations have been criticised for playing too many white male artists and not including female Artists and Artists of colour in their rotations. This comes in a report from Why Not Her who have been gathering data on this over the past year. According to the report stations like The two Spins ,Beat and 2fm have been making improvements but the report is very critical of cork stations.

Read the story here

Bonus story

President Michael D Higgins has said that serious questions need to be asked around gambling advertising. Do you think gambling ads should be banned on Irish Radio and TV? Have your say now on our Instagram story and check our Twitter tomorrow for results.

Vote on our Instagram story

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This Week In Radio 3/7/2021

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so hears a summery of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened.

Today FM has a new jingle package. The package is a total rebrand for the station with new production elements for shows as well as news/sports ETC. listen to the package with the player below and then scroll down for my jingle review.

Jingle Review Time

So In short, I like it. In particular i like the news cut. The music would work great in beds witch I assume today FM have, and the jingles fit nicely with the station format.

My only slight criticism would be the lack of a tag line. Sure Today FM will probably mix something in themselves but I would have liked to see the singers sing it making it that bit more all packages it will really depend on how the presenters use it, but there’s good potential there for sure.

In general it’s a really nice package so well done to everyone who worked on it. looking forward to hearing it more over the next few months and years.

In other news

RTE have reportedly cut the budget of their news department by €1.5 million. The department which produces some radio shows such as Morning Ireland and News At One has a reported budget of between €30 million and €35 million each year.

Read the story here on the journal

Finally this week KCLR has launched a new website to help people find local businesses. They’re calling it a virtual retail park which will provide new opportunities for local businesses. stations have been creating spin off websites a lot in recent years with services like RedFM Breaks popping up creating new revenue streams for stations, this could b an interesting trend to watch.

Read the story on Radio Today

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