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This Week In Radio 12/3/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s What Happened

An Irish Flag

It’s nearly St. Patrick’s day and there’s a station after popping up to celebrate the occasion. The Sound Of Ireland is broadcasting on 105.2 in Dublin for the next few days.

The station is sponsored by the Clayton Hotel Liffey Valley who seem to get a shout out in imaging at the top of each hour. On note of imaging, it’s nothing groundbreaking but it sounds perfectly fine. Same male voiceover as WLR in Waterford, and there’s a female voiceover artist involved too.

Music selection is relatively stereotypical but it’s not all didly idol either to be fair. I’ve heard Riverdance this morning, mixed with a Bit of Fontaine’s D.C, so it’s an okay mix. In general, I like it. I think there’s certainly a market for a station like this and especially for St. Patrick’s Day I think it works.

Listen to the station here

Louise McSharry is launching a new podcast after her 2FM show came to an end. This news was very well received as the show already has a 5 star rating from 42 apple podcast users, crazy considering no episodes have even been published yet.

It also seems one person gave 4 stars already, and there are even reviews. The only content launched so far is a trailer, with the full podcast launching on March 25th.

Best of luck to Louise from us at Radio Land. If this momentum can be maintained, Ireland has another very successful podcast on its hands.

Check out the podcast here

Finally this week, broadcaster Gareth O’Callaghan is launching a fundraiser for those in Ukraine. The event, which will take place in Monroes Galway on the 24th of March, will be raising funds for the Irish Red Cross.

Very best of luck to everyone involved, and well done on organising an event for such a great cause.

Get more details here

Quick Bits

RTE News is getting more correspondence for covering international affairs. Roles will be based in Eastern Europe, Nairobi and New York

Lots of stations celebrated international Women’s day this week

96FM want to send someone to see Katie Taylor’s next big fight live in New York

The Irish Podcast Award’s are looking for judges

RTE have loads of content coming up for St. Patrick’s Day

The UK Radioplayer platform is getting increased investment. This may lead to the Irish version getting upgrades too as it’s the same system

A report published this week praised the BAI, saying that it has achieved the “majority of aims set out in its Gender Action Plan”

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.

This Week In Radio 5/3/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

The 2 Johnnies will be returning to 2FM. The presenters were on air with a new drive time show for just 3 days in February, before they were taken off air as a result of a sexist segment on their podcast.

I’ll be really interested to see how this turns out as it could really go either way. The show is strong and there’s now more awareness of its existence, but a lot may now have a negative view of the show.

We can only wait and see how it goes. The JNLR numbers will tell a lot here.

“On the back of what was a very intense week, and having issued an apology and clarification of the events which occurred, we are extremely excited about returning to our daily drivetime show. We had a great welcome at 2fm last week and are eager to work with Dan and the 2fm family again, acknowledging the lessons we’ve learned and committing to put these into action. Coming from a different environment it is a privilege to get the chance to have a national conversation five days a week, and we appreciate that with this comes great responsibility and a lot is now expected of us. We are determined to create a successful radio show and work with everyone in 2fm to show the nation the best of us. We would like to thank 2fm for working through this with us”.

The 2 Johnnies commenting on their shows return

Read the story here

Red FM logo

RedFM launched their new breakfast show this week, but it’s basically the same show just with different hosts. Both the secret sound and instagrand remain, and there are no new major format elements.

The imaging didn’t change either except for a new bed that seems to be used in all links. In general, it’s the total opposite to the big welcome that the 2 Johnnies got.

Ciara is very capable as the main presenter, and it would seem that Rob and Laura are taking a Co presenter role. I still think the show needed a format change, but ultimately it’s numbers and not opinions that matter.

I look forward to seeing how the show performs against KC and Ross over the next while. The shows are incredibly similar at this point so it’s going to be a real test of presenting style which is always interesting.

Check out the new show here

Broadcaster Eoghan McDermott was in the news this week after he tweeted a legal letter related to allegations that were made against him.

“A few months ago, false allegations were made about me. Despite not being investigated or verified, these allegations were spread widely, the effects of which I am still processing.”

Eoghan McDermott via his Twitter account, @eoghanMcDermo

I’d highly recommend you read the letter that Eoghan tweeted. You can find it in the Twitter thread linked below. It’s unclear if Eoghan plan’s to return to broadcasting, And RTÉ aren’t commenting.

Read the tweets and letter here

Read RTE’s coverage of the story here

Usually we only have 3 main stories, but this week we’re giving you an extra one. This story is off the beaten track a bit, but it’s too interesting to get relegated to Quick Bits.

This story starts way back in 1947. It was the night of the All Ireland Final, the first time the match had been played outside of Ireland. Telly in ireland was still many years away, so that was the night that radio showed it’s true potential.

It was an outside broadcast of sorts. At 8pm Irish time, Micheal O’Hehir took to the airwaves to commentate the match live from New York. This was an event that would change the life of one young boy, listening to the match on a portable radio from here in Ireland.

That young boy was Pat Herbert, who later started Ye Old Hurdy Gurdy Museum of Vintage Radio.

This was a man who loved radio, and it all started on one night way back in 1947. The radio on that night changed a life for 73 years, a crazy thought when we think about it.

But why are we talking about this now? Well, pat died in 2020, and on Tuesday his personal radio collection will be sold at auction.

The reason I find this fascinating is I think it’s a great reminder of the power of radio. It’s also a lesson to push the boundaries a bit from time to time.

If they can broadcast from New York back then, we can certainly do that and more today. It’s up to todays radio teams to inspire tomorrows radio enthusiast’s, and I think that’s a really cool opportunity.

Read the story here

Quick Bits

John Creedon is Cork person of the year

RTE simulcast the choice music prize this week on 2FM and RTÉ Player. Listeners could hear the show on 2fm, and it was live streamed on RTÉ Player from studio 5 in television centre. It looked and sounded awsome so well done to all involved.

LiveLine needs a sponsor. €110,000 for 6 months, or your brand can talk to Joe for a year at a cost of €195,000

Radio Kerry has been showing support for Ukraine

So has Red FM

Tributes have been paid to Tom Hardy. May he rest in peace

The Irish Times are relaunching the Women’s Podcast after 500 episodes

Transition year students in a Limerick secondary school are launching a radio station

A Pop-up radio station is launching for Patrick’s Day. More on this next week

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.

This Week In Radio 26/2/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

What a mad week it’s been over at 2FM. A new show launched Monday, and was off air again by Thursday. So, let’s go through everything that happened, and discuss what might happen in the future.

2FM Logo

The 2 Johnnies launched their new show on Monday, and it was clear 2FM had gone all in. New imaging had changed up the station sound, and voice notes from the lads mammy’s aired across the day promoting the show.

Other presenters promoted their shows, but it was clear 2FM had only one show they wanted people to know about. With briliant execution, the Jennifer Zamparelli show promo was turned into a sketch of the 2 lads hijacking the segment. Instead of Jen telling listeners what was coming up, the lads told Jen what was happening on her own show, then proceeded to shamelessly plug their own.

In short, it was fun. This wasn’t just excitement put on for radio, people in 2FM were clearly genuinely excited. As it drew closer to 3, I was excited too. I had never listened to the 2 Johnnies podcast with the exception of one episode with Dáithí Ó Sé, but despite my relative ignorance I knew this show would be different. I didn’t know if it would be a good or bad sort of different at this stage, but the idea of a change from the regular radio way was something that excited the radio nerd in me.

When 3 came, I was instantly impressed

They talked over the imaging, it was clearly pre scripted, it had everything that they teach you not to do in radio. But you know what? It was perfect. It was new, it was different. Sure this was a radio show with two men and bog standard competitions, but this wasn’t a strawberry alarm clock copycat. They hadn’t ripped off KC and Ross or Dermot and Dave, it was a new way of doing radio.

The show had its issues, some of the links were too long, and the budget for competitions seemed underwhelming considering the hype around the show. Winning a €100 Just Eat voucher seemed stupid alongside the €10,000 that was being given away on breakfast. But all this was stuff that could be fixed. The hosts were strong, and as for the format, that could be adapted later.

I was assuming at this stage that the show would have a good run and that any issues could be sorted out. but I was wrong. By Thursday, everything had changed.

I was taking a scroll through the RTÉ News App, and amid all of the coverage of the crisis in Ukraine, there was another story. The 2 Johnnies had apologised for sexist comments made on their podcast. When I read the article I learned that they had been taken off air while RTÉ looked into the situation, and from there it all began.

We would like to apologise for the content which appeared on our social media, these posts were offensive and should never have been published. This is not who we are nor what we stand for. We aim to do better in the future, we are not perfect, and we are learning all the time.

The 2 Johnnies referring to a now removed sexist video posted on social media

Before we continue I want to make clear that I haven’t seen the video in question as I write this. The video has been very well scrubbed from the internet, and to be honest I’ve no real interest in seeking it out either. With that said, let’s go through what happened.

The 2 Johnnies had a segment on their podcast about car stickers. As part of this segment, they went through weird car stickers sent in by listeners. In the words of Johnny B on LiveLine, some of them got cruder, and some of them went too far.

Too far is a bit of an understatement, but let’s go into details for a minute.

As far as I can tell, there are two main issues

  • One of the car stickers that was discussed used the word sl*t, with other sexist stickers in the mix as well.
  • The lad’s apparently laughed at these stickers leading many to ask if they saw the seriousness of the issue.

The video was quickly removed and an apology was made, but at this stage the damage was done. Politicians questioned if they should be allowed on 2FM and this sparked a debate.

On one side, people argued that they had shown clear sexist behaviour

On the other, people argued that this was a clip out of context and cancelling the show does disservice to the lads record of promoting consent, safe sex, and standing up for women in sport ETC.

We at Radio Land did a poll on Twitter to try and establish some consensus. The results are interesting.

  • A total of 399 people voted over a 24 hour voting window
  • 72% of voters said that they should keep the show
  • 28% said they shouldn’t
  • There was also some nuance in the replies with one person saying that they feel the hosts should get one more chance

This result is interesting, it shows the majority is clearly on one side, but it isn’t unanimous either.

So that’s the story. A huge show launches and within days, it’s off air again due to sexism allegations.

What happens next is unclear. Speaking to Katie Hannon on LiveLine yesterday, Johnny B was asked when the duo would be back on air. He responded by saying “that’s not a discussion for today, RTÉ has their own guidelines and that’s a question for them”.

And that brings us up to now. We don’t know when or if the new show will return and unfortunately for RTÉ they’re not going to please everyone with whatever decision they make. All we can really do now is wait and see what happens.

Jingle review?

When I heard the new imaging on Monday. I promised a Jingle Review. I don’t feel as passionate about doing that at this point but I do want to share some brief thoughts.

I have got my hands on some of the Drive It imaging. But I’m not going to say much on that other than to say I like it.

There are a few elements I do want to chat about though

The news opener

I really like the intro to news. Strong sonic logo, good branding and VO’s and a generally good transition into the bed. I don’t know about the sonic note at the end, perhaps that could be improved, but in general very good.

Show Promo

All the shows have unique sounding Promo’s. And this is no exception. Again a very strong VO at the end, real great job on those guys, consistently great throughout. I also like the push towards the under appreciated RTÉ Radio Player. I’m not a massive fan of the bed, but as a package it works.

In short, I generally like the new imaging. Some of the imaging is a bit weird, the elements for 2FM Rising seemed a bit low pitch or something. But in all a good new station sound.

Other News

Believe it or not, stuff happened on other stations this week too.

Classic Hits extended coverage banner

Classic Hits has extended their coverage. The station now broadcasts on 94.1FM in north county Dublin. It will be interesting to see if the station can grow listenership in the region over the next few months, it may potentially make it harder to validate the performance of new shows on the station however.

The station has switched up breakfast, evenings and late nights in the last year, but increased coverage may make it harder to spot if the shows are underperforming in JNLR’s as one may counteract the other.

See the tweet here

Radiocentre Ireland are using findings from Canadian research to try boost advertising in the radio industry here in Ireland. These stats are interesting for sure, but I’m really curious to see how ireland compares when we start doing our own research.

Check out the details here

Quick Bits

GoLoud launched a new podcast called Read The Room

Ian Dempsey talks about the culture that made him

Irish audio producer Denzil Lacey is to be a speaker at RadioDays Europe

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.

This Week In Radio 19/2/2022

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what happened

Red FM announced their new breakfast show this week. Rob Heffernan will join Laura O’Mahony and Ciara Revins on the new show starting from the 28th of February. I haven’t heard Rob on air much before, so it will be very interesting to see how the new team sound when the new show launches.

I think the biggest thing for Red FM is to make the show sound fresh. If they just keep the format the same, it will sound like a host has changed, but if they update the format, it will sound like a new breakfast show. I think Red FM needs a whole new show really because as competitive as the Cork market is, the main shows from Red FM and 96FM sound very similar.

There’s huge potential in this show but they do really need to change things if it’s going to compete with KC and Ross long term. Regardless, I’m excited to see how the new show sounds when it launches. Very best of luck to the new team from us here at Radio Land.

Watch the quick Instagram announcement video here

IRadio has had a bit of a rebrand. The station now has a slightly updated Logo, and a new TV ad featuring a snail.

New Iradio logo

Firstly, I like the logo. The yellow and blue have a nice summer vibe and I think the purple helps the branding work year round. It’s fun, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and I generally feel like it’s a good improvement from the stations previous look.

I also really like the TV ad. It features a happy little snail on a mission not to get crushed. The ad is fun and has a good message, to look out for those around you.

I wonder where this ad will be shown, it would be really cool to see the ad on national tv stations like RTÉ and Virgin Media but considering IRadio isn’t national, that might not be the smartest move ever. Perhaps you can target ads using Virgin’s Ad Smart? and I’m almost sure you can target ads on RTÉ Player by region, so local stations having TV ads really isn’t actually that insane these days.

The new TV ad

Radio Today also mention the station having a new sound, but I didn’t find a demo of the new package from any of the main imaging providers. The current sound on air sounds a bit like 2FM, a style which has grown on me over the past while.

Read the story from Radio Today

Finally this week, a 17 year old boy received a 6 month deferred sentence following harassment of a BBC journalist and threat’s against an RTÉ journalist. This is a really complex situation, so I’d recommend that you read the story linked below as it does an okay job of covering this story.

It’s tough to know what to say with stories like this, but I think it’s important to be aware of these cases as they do unfortunately exist. All we can really say is that hopefully everyone involved here gets the support they need. It’s a sad story really and hopefully everyone involved can find their way through it.

Read the story here

Quick Bits

All the stations are loving posting behind the scene’s videos on Instagram at the moment. Here’s what it’s like to be a social media editer and presenter on Beat 102 103

The IBI gave us a love letter to radio for World Radio Day and Valentine’s Day

Mairead Ronan has said she feels lucky she never received di*k pics on air

The Bai Announced nearly €500,000 for sponsorship of media related events and learning programmes

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.

This Week In Radio 12/2/2022 (with JNLR numbers and More)

Lots happens in the radio industry each week so here’s a summary of the week we just enjoyed.

Here’s what Happened

It’s JNLR time again, so we had a look to see who’s up and down. As usual, we’re only going to be able to cover the main stations but we’ll link to other coverage at the end.

If you want to skip the JNLR stuff, just click here or scroll down manually

Let’s start with Radio 1

Radio 1 logo
  • Morning Ireland now has a huge 459,000 listeners each morning which is an increase of 9,000. While this is still good news, it’s worth noting that in Decembers numbers we did see a drop from 491,000 down to 450,000. They’re not there yet, but this might be the beginning of a recovery from the pandemic losses.
  • Same story with Tubridy. He’s up 7,000 listeners to 366,000, but he also suffered a big fall in the December book. Ryan went from 381,000 down to 359,000 in December, so while it’s an increase, recovery is still ongoing.
  • 346,000 listeners tune in to Today with Claire Byrne on weekdays (+6,000) it seems the gains on radio 1 are quite consistent with changes of a few thousand on each show
  • Poor joe can’t get a break though. He’s still losing listeners. Liveline now has 343,000 this is down 3,000 from December.This really ain’t good when you consider joes losses in the last book, down from 404,000. When you put the last 2 books together, Liveline is down a huge 61,000

In general not a bad set of numbers for radio 1, but they still have a lot of listeners to gain back after Decembers big losses.

The story is much the same at 2FM

2FM Logo

2FM didn’t have a great time back in December but things look to be recovering

  • 2FM breakfast will be happy to know they didn’t fall under 100,000. Instead they gained 8,000 listeners, taking them from 103,000 to 111,000. The show is still down from the 126,000 that it had previously, but any gain is a good gain I suppose.
  • Jennifer Zamparelli has 141,000 listeners which is an extra 1,000. Another 11,000 would eliminate the losses from December so that’s reasonably possible in future books. 2FM has been advertised heavily on television recently so we’ll need to wait and see if this has much impact in the next few months.
  • Tracy Clifford now has 129,000 listeners which is also an increase of 1,000. Tracy lost just 2,000 in December so she’s still in a good position if the recovery continues.

With the extensive TV advertising, and the 2 Johnnies on the way. 2FM will be interesting to watch over the next while.

Today FM continue to perform well

Today FM logo

Basically all shows on Today FM’s weekday schedule are up, and because they also had a good run in December they’re not facing the same recovery struggle as RTÉ.

  • Ian Dempsey now has a listenership of 184,000 which is an increase of 6,000 from December. He lost 1,000 back in the last book so he’s gained 5,000 over the last 2 reports.
  • Dermot & Dave are also up. They’ve gained 3,000 listeners and now have 208,000 listeners
  • Matt Cooper is also doing fine in drive time bringing in an extra 3,000 listeners for a total of 173,000

Most of the other shows on Today FM are changing so we’ll need to wait and see how they perform going forward.

What’s the news with Newstalk?

Newstalk logo

Basically everything’s going grand. Newstalk hasn’t had any huge gains or losses, but in general they’re still gaining a few listeners around the schedule.

  • Newstalk Breakfast gained 1,000 listeners since December and now has 138,000 tuning in.
  • Pat Kenny also gained 1,000 and his total is now 184,000.
  • Lunchtime Live with Andrea Gilligan has 114,000 Listeners, that’s a gain of 2,000. Why gain 1,000 when you can gain 2,000?
  • Moncrieff has 77,000 Listeners, that’s also up 1,000 since December. A real trend emerging here. The show still has a bit of recovering to do though, it suffered a loss of 20,000 in December. If you take in the last 2 books, your still down 19,000
  • The Hard Shoulder with Kieran Cuddihy had a nice increase of 5,000 and now has a total of 151,000 listeners

More JNLR sources

Radio Today



Waterford live

In other news

the department for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media told Radio Land this week that an Irish music quota is not being considered for Irish radio stations. This was part of a deep dive we published on Wednesday asking if there should be a quota in Ireland like those seen in Canada and France.

There are a number of legal and other factors which must be taken into account when considering the feasibility of introducing airplay quotas. The potential benefit to music production in Ireland must be balanced with the rights of broadcasters, subject to their contractual or regulatory obligations, to determine the type of content they wish to broadcast and to ensure commercial revenue particularly in the context of the current media climate. Importantly, the introduction of airplay quotas would need to be consistent with EU law. A quota for music produced in a particular Member State would be considered to restrict free movement of services by placing music produced in other Member States at a disadvantage. Given the legal challenges arising, the Government is not currently considering airplay quotas based on production location.

the department for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

This was a really interesting topic to look at and we hope to be able to do more deep dive stories like that going forward.

Read our full article on music quota’s here

Finally this week, Radiocentre Ireland has become a founding member of the World Radio Alliance. The new organisation will aim to promote radio’s marketing power, and hopefully increase revenue in the industry.

Read all the details here

Quick Bits

Presenter Emmet Dunlea is joining 96FM to host Club96 , best of luck Emmet from us at Radio Land

We got a behind the scenes Instagram video from Newstalk’s Sarah Madden this week showing us what it’s like to work as a researcher

2FM had a €10,000 Clock Blocker winner

96FM announced a new cash Cow competition

The new 2FM show with the 2 Johnnies is up for sponsorship. 6 months costs €90,000 with a year costing €160,000

You can also sponsor The Greene Room On 2FM which is obviously cheaper as it’s late night. 2 months is €18,000, 6 months will set you back €35,000 and the year costs a very reasonable €60,000

And that’s the summary for this week. Come back to radio land next week for more radio news📻 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra stories.